Namibia: Three Suspected Poachers Arrested in Zambezi


Lugeretzia Kooper, The Namibian

Date Published
Three men were arrested on Wednesday night in the Zambezi region for the possession of elephant tusks, parts of a blue wildebeest and a firearm.
Police declined to identify the suspects because they are yet to appear in court.

One of the men is believed to be employed by the agriculture ministry in the Zambezi region, while the other two are school boys aged 18 and 19.

They are expected to appear in court at Katima Mulilo today.

Zambezi regional control warden Morgan Sai-Sai yesterday said the arrests came after they got a tip-off and went to investigate.

“We believe these men were hunting in the Salambala Conservancy because we arrested them in that area. We found the blue wildebeest skin, horns and legs in a bush at a nearby village,” he noted.

Sai-Sai said poaching activities peak during winter because the meat does not spoil quickly, and poachers believe they will not be caught becuse of the weather.

“We are on your trail 24/7, make no mistake. We know the hotspots. We also know our prime suspects in some villages. Therefore, I urge the public to continue assisting in our quest to fight poaching in Namibia,” he added.

Sai-Sai appealed to the courts to consider that government had spent millions conserving wildlife when sentencing convicted poachers.

“The species in the conservancies in the Zambezi region have been reintroduced by government. Efforts made by government are in vain, as poachers are killing these animals.

“Therefore, I appeal to the courts to take into consideration the fact that government has spent a lot of money to purchase these game species for the benefit of the rural communities.

“Investigations of such cases are even adding to the financial crisis our country is facing because of greedy people,” he stressed.