Narrow Escape for Bikers in Elephant Attack (India)


Monideepa Banerjie, NDTV

Date Published
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KOLKATA:  It was a narrow escape for two men who were attacked by an elephant in West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district after they tried to sneak past it on their motorcyle.

The incident happened near Gorumara forest sanctuary around 4 pm on Sunday when the elephant had stepped out of the forest onto National Highway 31.
As people waited patiently for the jumbo to return to the forest, two men on a motorcycle tried to sneak past it. The elephant, seemingly disturbed by the roar of the bike, attacked the men.
While one managed to escape, the other got stuck under the motorcycle. As the elephant started trampling the bike, he managed to wriggle out from under the bike and fled.
Forest authorities later burst firecrackers and managed to scare the elephant away into the forest nearly two hours later.
The motorcyclists suffered minor injuries.