Nearly 36 kg of ivory seized in Fougamou (Gabon)


Fabrice Mikomba, Gabon Initiatives

Date Published

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FOUGAMOU: Fougamou is once again the news with the arrest of two ivory traffickers in the department of Tsamba Magotsi. They had 35.67 kg of ivory on them. 

Two Gabonese were arrested on 23 November by agents of Mouila B2. 

This arrest came one day after another arrest in Ndendé, in the same region, proof that poaching is rather good in the province of Ngounié. 

This arrest is mainly the result of a good collaboration between the Water and Forestry Administration, the intelligence services and the NGO Conservation Justice. 

In all likelihood, the two traffickers Nguel Alain Patrick and Boussengué Jean Bosco were followed for several months. Several reports mentioned the activities of poaching and the sale of elephant products, an entirely protected species.

It is therefore following precise information received by B2, warning of the liquidation of a large quantity of Ivory, that a team composed of the agents of the Waters and Forests and jurists of Conservation Justice went to Fougamou. 

The team went to the place chosen by Nguel Alain Patrick and Jean Bosco Boussengué to sell their loot. There they found the merchandise spread out on the ground: 6 tusks of ivory cut into 12 pieces or 35,67 kg. 

The sale per kilogram had previously been fixed at 45,000 francs. Nguel Alain Patrick and Boussengué Jean Bosco therefore were to receive the tidy sum of 1.605.000 F CFA. Instead, they were taken and driven to the B2 premises to respond to the facts of the detention, transportation and marketing of tusks of a fully protected species. 

They will be presented to the Public Prosecutor. They face the maximum penalty of 6 months in prison for violating the provisions of Articles 92, 274 and 275 of the Forest Code.