Niangoloko: Farmers protest against elephant damage (Burkina Faso)


Agence d'Information du Burkina

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From the villages around the town of Niangoloko, about three hundred people staged a protest march, Monday, January 26, 2015, against the damage by elephants in their fields. The protesters were made ??up of peasants who had elephants in their ranks, his majesty Baba Frédéric Hema, district chief Niangoloko, and many other notables. As a reminder, herds of elephants have appeared in the Cascades region there few years ago, sowing desolation in peasant populations suffering from several years of poor rains. In addition to the death of a peasant sector 9, losses they estimate at several million CFA francs have impoverished many families and have been the subject of observations borne by the victims themselves. These farmers were hoping for a gesture on the part of the State or the organizations that protect this species that is not coming. Parties of the Town Hall, the marchers chanted slogans like “no to elephant damage.” They walked the National Road No. 7 in the direction of crossing the customs Niangoloko to finally have it as a base Prefecture, contiguous in the service of the environment. There, they handed the prefect, a letter of protest with the destination, the national authorities of the transition. According to them, the already difficult coexistence between them and the elephants may get worse if nothing is done, along the lines of their compensation.
Dahourou KAM
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