Niger Celebrates the Worldwide World Environment Day: “Zero Tolerance for Illegal Trade in Wildlife” (Niger)



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“Zero Tolerance for Illegal Trade in Wildlife” is the special theme of this worldwide day of the environment celebrated on June 5 of each year. This theme comes with this slogan “release your wild instinct to protect life,” chosen, on one hand to fight for wildlife, and on the other to celebrate all species and to act accordingly to safeguard their preservation for the benefit of future generations.

One way is to promote awareness and global action to promote the protection of our environment and encourage concrete actions around the world to stem the scourge of illicit trade products of wild species. This trade, pointed out the Environmental Minister, Nigerian native Wassalke Boukari, destroys the natural heritage and has led whole species to the edge of extinction.

Actions associated with this set of themes will undoubtedly make it possible to prevent the total disappearance of emblematic species like the elephant, which number today nearly 880 individuals in the national park of W, and about 4,500 located throughout the regional park of the agreement. Seventy lions are located in and around the border of the W reserve, 499 giraffes in Kouré Biosphere Reserve, and 328 hippos on the River Niger.

The Minister Wassalké stressed that the protection and preservation of the environment is one of the priorities of the 7th Republic authorities and that this worldwide day of fighting against the illicit trade in wildlife is a springboard to the operationalization of the guidelines contained in the Renaissance Program Act 2, in its environmental component.