No respite from tuskers’ attack in Nilambur (Malappuram, India)


The Times of India

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People living in border areas of Karuvarakkundu in Nilambur are having
sleepless nights due to wild elephant menace in human inhabited areas
and farm lands. Forest authorities are struggling to find a permanent
solution for the long-pending issue.

Recently, a tusker destroyed plantation in Cheenikkunnu near Karulayi
on Wednesday. The elephant entered the farm after destroying a solar

The range officer of Karulayi who visited the area said that he will
convene a panchayat-level meeting to discuss the issue. Two watchers
have been appointed in the area where the elephant attacks were

It was the timely intervention of a group of local people that saved
the lives of hundreds, when a herd of wild elephants attacked human
habitation in Parayanmedu near Karuvarakkundu. The attack was reported
in Pananchola, Moonnadi and Iringattiri region of Parayanmedu. The
herd of tuskers attacked a pick-up truck carrying plantation workers
and several were injured in the incident.

Elephant attacks have also been reported from many regions of
Parayanmedu in Karuvarakkundu.