Now, a campaign to “save Ranga – the elephant” (India)


Rohith BR, Times of India

Date Published

Even as the forest department draws its plan to capture “Rowdy” Ranga, said to be the leader of the elephant herd that have found themselves in a conflict situation with humans in the region between Bannerghata National Park and Tumakuru, an online campaign has been kick-started against the move, on Friday. The Facebook campaign page titled “Save Ranga – The elephant” calls upon wildlife lovers to speak against the ongoing elephant capture operation. “Captivating elephants won’t help and causes huge loss to the ecosystem. These pachyderms are a reason why the forests are still alive helping in propagation of many species of trees in the forest hereby keep the forest alive.

The elephant corridor that is the migratory path followed by these elephants since several generations from Bannerghatta to the forests of Tumakuru has been degraded completely leaving these elephants in a very bad situation with them straying into human habitation creating man animal conflict which in turn leads to these gentle giants being chained and captivated for life. Let us all save these humble creatures and their home turf which they’ve been following generations together,” said a post by Rakshith Gowda on the FB page.

A similar online was launched earlier to save injuring elephant Sidda, which ultimately succumbed to injuries at Manchanabele dam in Magadi.