Of Mothers and Their Calves


Nelson Mwangi, National Intern

Date Published

This is Willow and her daughter, she is the newest addition to the Hardwoods family. She is always by her mother’s side. Whenever she is stuck in mud in the many swamps in Samburu and

Buffalo springs national reserves, Willow is always there to her rescue pushing her up the muddy banks to safety. The trunk is her tool in keeping her calf closer, always reaching out to her sides to make sure she is right there next to her. And after hours of fooling around and playing she receives a bath from her mother's trunk.

This calf will stay at Willow's side until she is 4 or 5 years old and then become independent from her mother but still closely attached to the Hardwoods.

With help from STE and anti-poaching efforts Willow will raise her calf and one day she will get to see her grandchildren.