Operation jumbo: Rogue elephant captured (Hanur, India)


Deccan Herald 

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The Forest department captured a rogue elephant that had claimed the lives of seven persons in the last three years.

The jumbo was caught in the forest area under Male Mahadeshwara wildlife sanctuary near here in Chamarajanagar district on Thursday morning.

The elephant, which had a broken tusk, had turned into a nightmare for the residents of PG Palya, Hosapalya, Hosadoddi, Byluru and the surrounding villages as it used to stray into villages, destroy and feast on crops thereby, causing heavy losses to farmers. The Forest department’s effort to capture the elephant three months ago turned futile as it escaped into the Sathyamangala Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu.

Though the department was ready to launch the operation, the tusker was not spotted in the limits again. The department had to temporarily suspend the operation.

However, the jumbo resurfaced recently. On November 6, Jaderudraswamy of Hosapalya, Kollegal taluk, who was guarding his crop, was trampled by the elephant and two others were injured. The villagers had demanded immediate action or shooting of the elephant.

Tamed elephants

A couple of days ago, Forest department personnel, with the help of tamed elephants from camps, tranquilised the elephant near Hosapalya in the wee hours of Thursday. The elephant is said to have lost consciousness near Neralakatte.
The tamed elephants surrounded the jumbo and the personnel then tied the pachyderm with ropes. It was later brought to Andekurubara Doddi.

As the news spread, hundreds of people from surrounding villages gathered to have a glimpse of the elephant. According to the department personnel, the elephant would be shifted to Mathigodu camp in Kodagu district.

Range Forest Officer Ankaraju, CPI Parashuram and veterinarian Dr Umapathy took part in the operation. DCF M Malatipriya told DH that the people of the region can now heave a sigh of relief.