Oyem: 4 men arrested for trafficking in protected species (Gabon)


Andy Marvine Nze, Gabon Media Time

Date Published

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Despite the tightening of wildlife crime legislation, traffickers of protected species do not seem to be discouraged. The proof was the arrest of 4 men on Saturday, April 16 by the judicial services of the city of Oyem. The latter had in their possession skins, teeth and ivory tusks of different animals.

The month of April 2022 is already shaping up to be a period rich in harvest for the agents of water and forests, the judicial police and the NGO Conservation Justice. Indeed, a raid on the ground made it possible to put 4 wildlife offenders away. A.N.G.M, M.F.L, N.N.C and A.J.B, were arrested on Saturday, April 16 in possession of 4 ivory tusks, 3 skins and five 5 panther teeth and an elephant tail that they were about to sell.

According to a police source, the named A.N.G.M would be the owner of two skins and five panther teeth. “At his home, about twenty rounds of ammunition, including 375 bullets and 12 double zero caliber cartridges, were discovered. 

His accomplices will be arrested in turn. N.N.C, would have shot an elephant and then extracted the tusks and removed the tail. The search of his home in Nkout village resulted in the seizure of several rounds of ammunition. 
The respondent led the operation team to the pachyderm slaughter site. Bones have been observed. As for A.J.B, he is said to be the owner of a pair of Ivory Coasts allegedly found in the forest.”

They will be taken to the police station and then held in custody in the premises of the judicial police of the city of Oyem.

The 4 wildlife offenders will be presented in the coming days before the special prosecutor’s office to answer for the acts of trafficking of protected species without authorization from the competent administrations. 

They shall be liable to a penalty of 15 years’ imprisonment and a fine, the amount of which shall be fixed by the special texts, in accordance with the provisions of article 432 of the Criminal Code in force.