Perhilitan: Prints made by elephants (Malaysia)



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JOHOR BARU: The state Wildlife and National Parks Department has confirmed that the alleged Bigfoot tracks discovered near the Endau-Rompin area here actually belonged to a herd of elephants.

State Perhilitan director Hasnan Yusop said that its officials studied the pattern of the tracks and concluded that it was made by the pachyderms.

“The elongated shape formed as the elephants walked back to back and this created multiple overlapping footprints which were almost in the same position,” he clarified.

“This caused the usually rounded elephant footprint shape to look different.”

Hasnan also said that officials had found elephant faeces near the tracks.

“This further confirms our theory,” he said, adding that no research had proven the existence of Bigfoot as yet.

Hasnan said the department did not receive any additional information on new sightings of the prints.

“We will continue to monitor the area,” he said.

Last week, Sia Chwee Khim, 64, and her husband Lim Teong Kheng, 66, both retirees, discovered the abnormally large footprints while on a trip with friends to the forest reserve on May 10.

Their discovery prompted speculation of the existence of the mythical Bigfoot.