PICTURES: A tusk of an extinct type of elephants found in Saudi Arabia



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The fossils unit team at the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) found a 225-cm-tusk of an extinct type of elephants in north-west of the Saudi Arabia.

The SGS Chairman reported that the fossils unit team were on a joint field operation with the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, the British University of Oxford and the German Max Planck Institute in addition to researchers from Australia and Spain.

They found in residues of ancient lakes in the Nafud desert in the north-west of Saudi Arabia a tusk that belonged to an extinct elephant. It is one of the most important and rare cases.

The Saudi Geological Survey had previously discovered the remainders of large extinct mammals in the same area, including giant elephants, horses, oxen, deer, wild cows, hyenas, wild dogs and birds of prey, with more than 80% of a giant extinct elephant at the same location.