Poachers kill 40 elephants in Botswana


Gaongalelwe Dinale, The Southern Times

Date Published

Poachers have broken into Botswana’s prime tourism concession, killing more than 40 elephants.

Michael Chase, Founder of Elephants without Borders (EWB), said in a report that the elephants were killed in a famous wilderness area, managed by one of the world’s largest eco-tourism travel companies.

He called for help from tourism companies in prime tourism concessions to help protect the elephants. 

“The region has a strong military presence with two airfields. The Botswana government can’t be expected to stop this poaching alone; it is incumbent upon all tourism companies – who have a responsibility to conserve these areas – to start putting their money where their mouth is and invest in protecting what they profit from, Botswana’s natural heritage,” said Chase.

He believes tourism companies should stop building more lodges in a World Heritage Site, and start doing something to help stop this ‘poaching madness’.

EWB, in collaboration with the Botswana government, through the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP), is carrying out the Botswana elephant census 2018, led by Chase. 

Elephant poaching has been on the increase in Botswana this year. 
However, Botswana has decided to dis-arm the DWNP of the military weapons and equipment that were used in anti-poaching patrols. 

EWB is a charitable organisation dedicated to conserving wildlife and natural resources, through innovative research, education, and information sharing with all people.