Poachers Surrender 40 Home Made Guns to Police (Malawi)


Nyasa Times

Date Published

Poachers in the north have surrendered over 40 home made guns to authorities in a programme that signals a ceasefire in the battle against poaching in protected areas in the region.

Division manager for Wildlife Department George Qumayo said since January, poachers have voluntarily handed over 44 home made guns used in the poaching of animals in Vwaza Game Reserve and Nyika National Park.

“This shows that we are winning the battle against poaching which has made us to lose a lot of our animals,” he said.

He said elephants and rhinos were the main target of the poachers. The parks officer said this has been made possible because of committees that government set up in prone areas involving both senior and junior traditional leaders, political leadership of the areas and the police among others.

He said currently committees are looking into 55 poaching cases which they pushed into courts.

Police in Rumphi said the surrendered guns were a security threat as well.