Poaching: King Faroukou now in the hands of justice in Makokou (Gabon)



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A team of officers from the General Directorate of Research of the Force and those of Forestry in the province Ogooué-Ivindo, along with the NGO Conservation Justice, comes to question the famous ivory dealer Oumarou Faroukou, in Makokou.

At around 9:30 am Saturday, June 17, the joint team will indeed surprise the famous trafficker in full marketing of two (02) ivory tusks, sectioned into four (04) pieces, and a total weight of 20 kg. The investigation continues and during the arrest of accomplices is not excluded.

Recall that the appointed Faroukou is accustomed to this type of traffic. He has been denounced as dommanditaire after the seizure of nearly 100 kg of ivory Yen town by the gendarmes of the brigade Booué 26 December 2014. The seized ivory bore the marks of the court Makokou and Faroukou was arrested before denounce the Dean of the Judges of the Tribunal at the time. 

According to Faroukou, he received the ivory tusks in 2014 against the payment to the judge and the clerk of a sum of 1.7 million CFA francs! Also according to the trafficker Oumarou Faroukou, the Dean of Judges and the Chief Registrar at the time have also asked him to make false confessions to prevent themselves are prosecuted.

In turn, Sieur Lamidi Adjaho Akadiri, order dated April 22, 2016 in possession of two ivory tusks he was about to market, will make revelations along the same lines as those of Sir Oumarou Faroukou.

Despite the good monitoring of the case by the prosecution Makokou to bring out the truth vis-a-vis the Mafia, several shortcomings in the monitoring of the procedure at the Makokou court had led the lawyer for the plaintiff, the Forestry Commission, to request for deferral of the Court of Makokou. The case is therefore now in Supreme Court, Faroukou was released … finally plunge quickly into this lucrative traffic, feeling certainly protected.

Faroukou was also arrested recently, in March 2017, the Makokou Judicial Police for being quoted in an ivory trafficking. And after that, he freely appeared in court Makokou had imposed on him a release.

The director of the NGO Conservation Justice commends the authorities for this inquiry: “The arrest of this great ivory dealer shows again the important efforts made by the security forces but also the lack of deterrence because of a still weak legislation and sometimes a bit strict enforcement. Faroukou has indeed been arrested several times but continued its activities, demonstrating a certain impunity for traffickers who went to get ivories in a court.”

This Saturday, June 17, 2017, Faroukou has been finally arrested red ivory marketing offense by the police of the Makokou research section. It will be referred to the Tribunal prosecutors Makokou after his custody.

As a repeat offender, he faces a year in prison for ivory trafficking and more for participating in the theft of the Court ivories Makokou. 

Given all these complicities around business and severity of acts committed (ivory trafficking but also criminal conspiracy, corruption, theft of sealed products), it is hoped that the Court of Makokou but the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court cases follow these mafia-type concerning Faroukou with the utmost vigilance and rigor.

With NGO Conservation Justice