Police apprehend suspected elephant killer (Indonesia)


Jon Afrizal, Jakarta Post

Date Published

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The Tebo Police’s Fox Team personnel have arrested SR, 40, who is suspected to have killed an elephant in Semambu village, Sumay district, Tebo regency.  

The perpetrator was arrested at his parents’ house in Rimbo Illir district, early on Saturday.

“He was apprehended after the police’s Fox Team received a report on the killing of an elephant recently,” Jambi Police spokesperson Adj.Sr.Comr. Kuswahyudi Tresnadi said on Saturday. He referred to a special team established by the Tebo Police’s Criminal Investigation Unit (Satreskrim) to tackle wildlife crimes.

The arrest occurred after Satreskrim personnel at the Tebo Police received a report on the killing of a Sumatran elephant in Sumay district, around 200 kilometers from the downtown of Jambi city.

After they checked the accuracy of the report, the Fox Team personnel moved to search for the perpetrator. SR was apprehended without making any attempt to resist the arrest. He is now being detained by the Tebo Police for further investigation.