Police say anti-poaching operation a success (Namibia)


The Namibian

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Police say the fight against poaching is being won, with 16 suspects
having been arrested for poaching and other related offences since
March this year.

Ongoing intensive anti-poaching operations are taking place in the
Bwabwata, Nkasa Rupara and Mudumu national parks. The operations also
saw 57 elephant tusks, six unlicensed firearms, 151 rounds of
ammunition as well as one vehicle being confiscated.

In a press release issued yesterday, the deputy inspector general for
police James Tjivikua said the elephant tusk operation was a great
success, and they are grateful to community members and other
stakeholders for assisting in the fight against poachers.

“Their continued support and cooperation has brought about significant
achievements in the collective fight against this poaching scourge,”
he said, adding that the 16th phase of the elephant tusk operation
will commence tomorrow in the Kavango East and Zambezi regions.

Tjivikua, however, noted that last weekend, four elephants, two bulls
and two cows were killed at the Kasika Conservancy area by suspected
poachers from across the border.

He said the problem in the Zambezi region is compounded by the fact
that huge stretches of the border with Zambia and Botswana are not
fenced. Elephants are not constrained by national borders, and there
is thus a constant movement of large herds between the neighbouring

Tjivikua will be visiting the Kavango East and Zambezi regions to
oversee the change of command as well as to debrief members who were
deployed in the 15th phase of the elephant tusk operation, which will
end today.

The Namibian police also thanked the outgoing gold co­mmander, the
police regional commander for the Kavango East region, Commissioner
Johanna Ndaahafa Ndongo.

Tjivikua also welcomed the incoming gold commander for the 16th and
17th phases of the elephant tusk operations, the police regional
commander for the Zambezi region, commissioner Boniface Liwakala

He thus urged the public to continue providing information pertaining
to poaching activities to the police, or to environment ministry

There is a reward of N$60 000 for any reliable information leading to
the arrest of a culprit(s) in poaching activities.