Prevent elephants from entering fields (Dharmapuri District, India)


The Hindu

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Villagers have asked forest officials to take steps to prevent elephants from entering their land.

Recently, wild elephants entered Ammapalayam and Vellalapalayam villages located along the forest area near the Bhavanisagar reservoir.

Elephants destroyed banana crops, sugarcane and maize plants causing loss to the farmers as they demanded adequate compensation for the crop loss.

Farmers also said that due to intrusion of elephants, villagers cannot move on the Mettupalayam road fear man-animal conflict.

Hence, farmers were demanding effective steps to prevent elephants entering human habitations.

On Monday, villagers held meetings at the community hall in which over 100 people participated.

Talks held

District Forest Officer P.G. Arunlal and other forest officials held talks with the people. Villagers demanded compensation and also digging of trench along the forest areas so that elephant do not enter their villages.

They also wanted forest personnel to patrol the area during night hours.

Later, officials inspected the damaged crops and the area where villagers wanted trenches. Officials said that compensation will be provided to the farmers for the damaged crops.

However, villagers demanded distribution of compensation immediately. Officials promised to take steps to distribute it at the earliest.