PTR suffers one more elephant loss (Palamu district, India)


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A male adult elephant estimated to be around 35 to 40 years was found dead in compartment number ten in buffer area of tiger reserve. DFO buffer Mahaling said the cause of death is uncertain so far. The elephant had no external injury and was never found any wanting in health by the trackers as well.

Sources said this is the second fatality of elephant in just a week’s time. Buffer areas of tiger reserve Palamu have slowly become a death bed. Sources said post mortem alone could explain the cause of death.

Birsa Zoo vet surgeon Ajay Kumar and Hira Lal vet surgeon of Latehar district would try to find out the cause of death added DFO buffer. Sources said the frequent fatality of elephants in PTR is a matter of deep concern. It raises accusing fingers towards conflict between man and wild life too. But sources said this is no crop damage time by elephant and hence hostility of farmers towards elephants cannot be counted as a factor behind this death.

Sources said farmers display anger on the spur of the moment when their crop is damaged or destroyed by elephants but such a revengeful act in times like this is a distant proposition.

Sources said the PTR officials should take note of food of these wild elephants. Sources said on an average elephant eases itself 17 to 18 times in twenty four hours period.

If there is any increase in defecation of elephant then it refers to some ailments taking shape in elephants.