Rampaging Elephant Destroys Buildings in Indian Village (Tamil Nadu, India)


VOA News 

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A wild elephant  went on a rampage in a southern Indian village Wednesday, damaging several structures and creating panic among villagers.

Witnesses say the elephant entered Patchapalli village in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu state.

They say it came into their residential area causing extensive damage to buildings and walls and forcing residents to flee.  It eventually moved off to a nearby forest.

Witnesses say the elephant is believed to be the same animal that has been menacing the area for about two weeks.

In a similar incident, a wild elephant went on a rampage in a village in India’s eastern West Bengal state last month, damaging around 100 structures.

Wild animals like elephants, leopards and panthers often stray into inhabited areas in India in search of food and cause huge human and material loss.