Rampaging elephants kill two, injure dozens in Jharkhand (India)


Times of India

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A villager from Bundu district of Jharkhand, said a heard of wild elephants attacked the village after dusk, killing two people
BUNDU (Jharkhand): Wild elephants went on rampage in Bundu killing at least two people and leaving over a dozen injured on Monday. 

The wild pachyderms also destroyed several houses, leaving several villagers homeless, spreading fear and panic among the locals. 

Locals say this was not an isolated incident and they are regularly at the receiving end of elephants’ wrath — especially during the paddy season. 

Bheem Mehto, a villager from Bundu district of Jharkhand, said a heard of wild elephants attacked the village after dusk, killing two people. 

“Last night around 10pm wild elephants went on a rampage and stomped and killed two people. Such incidents have been happening constantly so we people all are very scared for our lives from these wild elephants. We ask the wildlife authorities and the government to help us and provide us with safety and protection from these wild elephants,” said Mehto. 

The latest incident has sparked fear among the locals who are pleading with the authorities to tame the jumbos and provide safety cover for them. 

Raja Peter, the local legislator from the region said that despite several requests the authorities had failed to rein in the animals. 

“It is very unfortunate. Even last time we raised this issue but the government has taken no action. It just shows how light the government is taking up this matter of wild elephants in the state. This is an issue which should not be taken lightly and a solution must be reached soon as people’s lives are at stake here,” said Peter.

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