Rare occurrence as Kenyan elephant gives birth to twins


Erick Kombo Ndubi, Tuko

Date Published

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In a rare case in Kenya, an elephant in the Amboseli National Park has given birth to twins. Angelina, 35, gave birth to a female and male namely Amora and Aurora B. 

According to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), the calves are still small given they were birthed in 2020, but the authorities do not know the exact date. 
“Born in 1985, Angelina is a fairly known matriarch within the Amboseli ecosystem and is well distinguished by her reversed tusks,” said KWS. The calves which KWS described as “small and playful” were born in a family of three sisters; Aspen (2015), Amola (2011) and Aurora (adopted by Angelina, 2010).

Although such cases have been reported around the world, there has been no such occurrence in Kenya. The incident came barely days after Kenya’s tusker, Tim, died out of old age in Amboseli. Tim’s remains were transferred to the National Museums of Kenya in Nairobi where they were preserved for education purposes. 

Notably, Kenya is increasingly becoming a ‘hotbed’ of rare animals after another rare white giraffe gave birth to a white calf at Ishaqbini Hirola Sanctuary in Ijara sub-county, Garissa county. News about the newborn giraffe were shared by Northern Rangelands Trust Resilient on Friday, August 23, 2019.