Rescuers hope to save baby elephant with severed leg (China)



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See link for video. 

A mission is underway to save a baby elephant in southwest China with what appears to be a severed leg.

The baby elephant, dubbed Kang-Kang, was spotted by a drone and heat sensing cameras. It appears to have it left-front leg completely severed.

Rescuers hope to capture it and give it medical attention.

Experts said even with the wound healed, Kang-Kang most likely will remain in a rescue center to live out its days, as its chances for survival in the wild are very slim.

The team’s first attempt failed as they were unable to find an opportunity to isolate Kang-Kang from the herd. The grown elephants were very protective of their injured youth, surrounding it while marching through the woods.

The team is now considering alternate plans.