Residents Living in Fear of Jumbo Attack (Kenya)


Robert Githu, Kenya News Agency

Date Published

Residents of Loikas village in Maralal town, Samburu County are living in fear after elephants trespassed into their homes from Kirisia forest in search of water.

The residents are forced to be indoors from as early as 7pm for fear of being attacked by the jumbos that are believed to be following Loikas stream which flows into Maralal town, in search of water.

“Every day between 7pm and 8pm we see the elephants outside feeding on our crops and drinking our water from tanks placed outside the house. We don’t have peace,” complained, Ms Jane Namoe.

Namoe said that they are forced to urinate into buckets at night since they can’t step out of the house.

Residents who wake up early for work said that they are always on the lookout to avoid encountering the elephants.

Charles Lekapiti said that the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) at one point intervened and scared the jumbos with gunfire but it was a temporary solution since they returned soon after the officers left.

He urged KWS to intensify patrols along the stream to avoid loss of lives and further destruction of property.

Nicholas Leaduma, 70, told KNA that in the 1980s and 90s Loikas village was part of Kirisia forest and elephants were a common sight, adding that he is not surprised that they are roaming the area again.

“As the population of Maralal town increased many people cleared the foothills of Kirisia forest and settled disregarding the elephant migration corridor. I am not surprised that they are back,” he said.

The  Nyumba Kumi Chairman, Solomon Wanyeki said that they started receiving complaints about the jumbos two weeks ago.

He advised residents not to confront the animals but instead call KWS who are better equipped to handle them.