Rogue elephant mellows down (Malemahadeshwara, India)


Deccan Herald

Date Published

The rogue elephant that was captured at Malemahadeshwara Betta two months ago has started mellowing down at Mathigodu elephant camp.

The 45-year-old elephant has been kept inside a kraal at the Mathigodu elephant camp near here. It has started understanding the language of the mahouts. When mahouts shout “Aare,” the elephants stands up, when he says “Dere Soop,” it starts drinking water. Mahouts have been engaged in taming the elephants along with offering paddy and jaggery to consume.

Mahout Vasanth said that when the elephant was captured in Malemahadeshwara Betta and was shifted to the camp for taming, it was scaring away all those who went near the kraal. The elephant will be left outside the kraal after one month. As the elephant was captured at Malemahadeshwara Betta, the officials have named him as Mahadeshwara.