Runaway smugglers leave 16 elephant tusks behind after car crash in Vietnam


By Hoang Son, Thanh Nien News

Date Published

Police in the central province of Quang Nam have seized 16 elephant tusks after a car transporting them crashed into a bus on Sunday. 
The two men on the car have escaped, leaving the illegal tusks behind.
A source from Quang Nam police said the car hit a passenger bus from behind on Sunday afternoon. No one was hurt.
The men aboard the car reportedly asked a xe om motorbike taxi driver to carry them, with the tusks, away to hide in bushes. 
But the driver refused and called the police.
Investigators said the car was using a fake government office’s license plate, possibly in an attempt to avoid being stopped by police. Several license plates registered in Laos have been found inside the car.
Police are examining the tusks and searching for the men.
Vietnam has banned ivory trade since the 1990s.