SANParks official pushes elephants off the road… AGAIN! (South Africa)



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See link for video. 

Skukuza – Just a few weeks after a SANParks official was caught firing shots to scare an elephant off the road in the Kruger National Park, another video has emerged of a similar incident where an elephant and her calf were pushed off the road by a park vehicle. 

Beeld reports that Stephan Segal, a visitor to the park, witnessed the reckless behaviour on Sunday afternoon and filmed the entire incident.  

Watch the video here.  

He told the paper how the SANParks vehicle rushed past him and his family and sped toward an elephant cow and her calf that were crossing the road. He proceeded to push the animals off the road with his car.  

This is the third incident of this nature in just a couple of months, and the second involving a SANParks ranger.  

In April this year a visitor to the park got impatient with a pride of lion lying in the road (SERIOUSLY?!) and tried to push them off the road. This was followed shortly by an incident where a SANParks official disembarked from his vehicle and fired shots in the air to scare an elephant off the road. 

Watch footage of the incident here.

The official received a final warning for his wild-west-like behaviour. But is that enough? 
We can’t help but wonder… WHAT’S GOING ON? While SANParks has called for visitors to respect their animals on numerous occasions it seems like certain park employees (probably very much a minority) are not following the same code of conduct!