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Save the Elephants

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Our new Save the Great Tuskers campaign takes off!

Elephants are the largest beast to walk the Earth today. Among them, the Great Tuskers are king. With their towering presence and vast tusks they appear to belong to another era.

Without action they might truly be consigned to the past. There are now thought to be less than a hundred Great Tuskers left in Africa. With tusks weighing more than a hundred pounds each, they have been targeted by generations of hunters. Now, with demand for ivory reaching new highs in the Far East, such animals risk being wiped from the face of the Earth.

Save the Elephants believes that these animals deserve to be protected and that our children also have a right to be awed by their presence. Using the hi-tech tracking devices and early-warning systems that we have developed, we can defend the remaining Great Tuskers from the threat of poachers while learning about their behavior and planning for their long-term survival.

STE’s Save the Great Tuskers campaign has already begun to swing into action. A new anti-poaching aircraft is now in the skies above Tsavo where twelve Great Tuskers remain. Working in partnership with the Tsavo Trust, this aerial monitoring and response unit is collaborating with the Kenya Wildlife Service to keep the poachers at bay.

The continent’s other remaining Great Tuskers are believed to reside in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve and the Amboseli National Park, South Africa’s Kruger National Park. As part of the new campaign Save the Elephants will be partnering with established anti-poaching operations on the ground in each of these areas. Our satellite tracking technology will be used to assist ground forces in defending the animals and help authorities map poaching danger zones, and we will assist with training in anti-poaching techniques.

Our initial fundraising target is $100,000. Please visit our donations page to donate to the cause!