Serial poacher buries elephant tusks (Zimbabwe)


Matebeleland North, New Zimbabwe

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VICTORIA FALLS: An unrepentant poacher, who has been convicted twice before for dealing in elephant tusks, was recently arrested after being found with two elephant tusks. 

Police were tipped that Namatani Ndlovu was in possession of two elephant tusks and laid an ambush on him leading to his arrest. 
Ndlovu, 32 of Mkhosana briefly appeared in court last weekend charged with the crime. He was not asked to plead as the magistrate Lindiwe Maphosa remanded him in custody to Tuesday next week.

Ndlovu is not new to the courts as he was convicted twice for similar crimes in 2014.

Investigators recommended that he be denied bail because he was a repeat offender with a propensity to interfere with witnesses and even abscond.

Allegations are that Ndlovu was spotted carrying two tusks into the bush where he intended to hide them.

“On August 19 the accused drove a motor vehicle to a bush near Chinotimba suburb along Victoria Falls-Bulawayo road. In the car he carried two elephant tusks that he intended to hide in the bush,” said prosecutor David Tivakudze.

An alert team of cops ambushed an unsuspecting Ndlovu in the bush where he parked his car. “He carried the tusks one after the other into the bush,” said the prosecutor. 

Police pounced on Ndlovu as he was digging the tusks into the ground and arrested him after he failed to produce a permit allowing him to be in possession of ivory.