Sidda back on his feet, eats 200kg of food (Bengaluru, India)


Times of India

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The labour of six gruelling hours, which involved lifting Sidda – the wild elephant who has been undergoing treatment at Manchanbele Dam- bore fruit at the crack of dawn on Thursday, when the elephant was seen standing inside a steel enclosure that was cushioned by wood.

Forest department officials had a long night, as they figured out the best way to get Sidda inside the enclosure. Around 4.30am, they finally succeeded in their endeavour. Once he was inside the enclosure, the officials also put in place harnesses around his injured leg and torso. The forest department, Madras Engineering Group (MEG) and Wildlife SOS veterinarians have been striving to get Sidda back on his feet. The elephant was also seen ravenously consuming ragi balls in his temporary shelter.

For the past 16 days, Sidda has been lying in a supine position. Recurring troubles with indigestion have only added to the elephant’s problems. “We tried to get him inside the structure several times, since the enclosure was ready. Sidda groaned in pain throughout the procedure, since the belt that was being pulled by the crane was tightly wound around his torso. Following many failed attempts, he grew restless, and protested against being lifted. He started waving his trunk frantically,” said forest watchers, Basavaraja and Govindaiah.

Range forest officer, AL Dalesh confirmed that Sidda was being kept under close observation. “Now that he is standing, it will help treat him better. Also, he will be able to drink and eat more now. That he has consumed 200kg of food already indicates that he is getting better.”

More than 40 members from the MEG worked for two days to help the ailing elephant.