Sidda shifted to kraal (Bengaluru, India)


The Hindu

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After a day-long operation, Sidda, the injured tusker at Manchanabele Dam, was shifted early on Thursday morning to its new home: a kraal constructed by personnel of the Madras Engineering Group and Centre.

The elephantine operation had started on Wednesday morning. The process of lifting the recumbent wild tusker proved to be particularly challenging. Initially, after a few minutes of trying to lift the mammoth elephant – through a harness and crane – the team had to relent as the stress and strains took its toll on the groaning elephant. The tusker was given a few hours of rest, and by late afternoon, another attempt underway.

It was only in the dead of the night, when the cool winds calmed Sidda, that over 40 personnel from MEG, and others from forest department and NGOs managed to lift Sidda and strap him into the kraal around 1.30 a.m. The 15-feet-high structure allows Sidda to either stand up or lie down, while also allowing for better administering of medicines and nutrition.