Six Elephants Invade Kajiado School (Kenya)


By Kurgat Marindany, The Kenya Star

Date Published
SIX elephants yesterday broke into Enkaroni Primary School in Kajiado county.
The jumbos pulled down the school’s main gate and chased away the watchman before destroying trees and water tanks.
The invasion comes only a day after more than 200 Maasai women walked to Governor David Nkedianye’s office to protest the invasion by elephants in their farms.
Morans threatened to kill all the elephants if the Kenya Wildlife Service will not relocate them by next week.
Last week, KWS officers were forced to shoot dead an elephant in Mashuuru after it killed a resident.
The residents barricaded the Emali-Loitokitok road for two days, demanding that the elephant be killed.
The KWS officers shot the jumbo and provided its tail and ear to the residents as proof.
Yesterday, Enkaroni teacher John Mpatisa said six elephants stormed the school and destroyed.
Mpatisa said the watchman was lucky to spot the elephants early before they could attack him in his sleep.
“We could be mourning him by now had he been found sleeping,” he said.
Kajiado KWS director Elema Hapicha said she had dispatched warders to the area.
“Our men and women are already on the ground and have started investigations,” she said.
There were plans to relocate the elephants from Enkarono after they first invaded the area last year.
Hapicha said, however, the responsibility to relocate the jumbos lie with the KWS headquarters and not her Kajiado office.
County commissioner Harsama Kello on Monday accused the KWS of sleeping on the job even after they were advised to relocate the jumbos late last year.