Solar-powered detector to tackle jumbo menace in Nilgiris border (State of Tamil Nadu, India)


B. Ravichandran, The Deccan Chronicle

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OOTY: A new early warning system which has been designed with help of an NGO with sensor, solar-powered battery and alarm facilities is ready to be in place within Pandalur limits in Nilgiris border to tackle the rising man-animal conflicts. This is an improved version than its predecessor.  

While the jungle-rich Pandalur taluk is known for frequent instances of man-elephant conflicts in particular, the Forest range office in Pandalur was looking for a devise with state-of-art technology to act as an early warning system.

It has now come out with such a device to manage and tackle the jumbo menace in the Pandalur limits. 

Stating that as of now, this early warning system device has been installed in select areas in Ayyankolli, Pakkanna, Kariasholai areas and in the vicinity of two schools in nearby Gudalur limits, Mr. Ganesan, Forest range officer of Gudalur forest division, said that the with the help extended by one Mr. Madhu, a wildlife activist working for an NGO, the foresters could come out with this new early warning system. 

“The device consists of a sensor to detect the movement of elephants due to the vibrations caused by the jumbos’ movement. 

Once the sensor is activated by the jumbos’ movement within an area of 20-ft to 40-ft circumference, a bulb in the device will burn and the alarm attached to the device will ring,” he said. 

This would give enough warning to the people nearby to take necessary precautionary measures to take shelter and keep themselves safe, besides alerting the officers and others too.    

About two years ago, such a device was installed in a couple of areas like Richmond, Athikunna areas. But, they had been damaged by mob violence in the past. “Now, the present device is an improved one that would give early warning signals about wild jumbo movements in the vicinity,” he explained.