Staff at the Airport Smuggled Ivory with a “Pass” (China)


Yan Fei, Morning Post

Date Published


According to Beijing Morning Post, Liang, a staff from the Beijing Capital Airport Power& Energy Co., Ltd, taking advantage of possessing the pass of the Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA), has smuggled ivory into China, with an amount of more than 1 million RMB. It is reported that, Liang was accused of smuggling precious animal products, and sentenced to imprisonment of 10 years and 6 months. His partner was sentenced to prison for 11 years.
Liang was the staff of Beijing Capital Airport Power& Energy Co., Ltd. According to the investigation report from the court, Yang was incited by Liang to carry 31 pieces of ivory products with his suitcase on Sep. 29, 2012, departing from the Republic of Togo, and arrived at the BCIA on Sep.30, 2012, via several nations. Yang handed two laptop bags with ivory products in it, to Liang, who was arranged by Yang, at the men’s bathroom. Because of the pass that Liang had, he was able to escape from the monitoring of the customers, and trafficked in the illicit ivory products. On that day, both suspects were arrested on the spot. The total value of the smuggled ivory was estimated to be more than 1 million RMB.
Considering that Liang has confessed truthfully of his crime, the court gave him a lesser punishment, however both of them have been charged of smuggling precious animal products.