Stage Set at Navakkarai to Capture Rogue Elephant (Coimbatore, India)


Press Trust of India

Date Published

With the arrival of fourth Kumki (trained elephant), the stage is all
set for ‘Mission Madukkarai Maharaj’, to translocate the rogue
elephant creating panic among the villagers in Madukkarai Foreset
Range on the outskirts.

The 50-year-old Kaleem, brought from Kozhikamudi in Anamalai Tiger
Reserve, is an expert in bringing the rogues to their knees, with the
help of other Kumkis, forest officials said.

Based on the orders of Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, four
Kumkis were brought to Navakkarai to capture the elephant and
translocate it to any other jungle or make it a kumki.

Since all the Kumkis, Vijay, Sujay, Kaleem and Paari are at the site,
the strategy to capture the rogue elephant is being discussed, forest
department sources said.

Meanwhile, the department was facing difficulty in identifying the
rogue elephant, which is now seen in the company of two elephants,
which had been wandering around the Palakkad Highway, located in
Madukkarai area, they said.