STR to pay comp on crop damage (Kolhapur District, India)


The Times of India

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Kolhapur: The Sahyadri Tiger Reserve (STR) will compensate farmers for crops damaged by elephants, according to field director and chief forest conservator of STR Clement Ben.

Elephants damaged crops in New Karanje, Daudwadi, Aijiwade, Asangaon, Dhanagarwadi and Arivade village in Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary. 

The wild animals have created a fearful environment in these villages. The elephants damaged paddy fields, jackfruit and banana gardens in the villages.

Chief conservator of STR Clement Ben said, “I paid a visit to the villages damaged by the elephants in Radhanagari sanctuary. I have instructed our officials to review the crop damage within three days. Compensation will be paid immediately after the review is completed. I have appealed to the villagers to be alert and stay cautious.”

The Kolhapur district has been facing elephant attacks for the past decade. Elephants often come from Karnataka.

Green fodder in the form of sugarcane and paddy attracts the elephants. The district has vast tracts of sugarcane and paddy fields in the talukas attached to the Sahyadri range. The district is ideal for elephant habitats.