Stray elephant has killed 42-year-old farmer in southern Tanzania



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A 42-year-old farmer in southern Tanzania’s district of Namtumbo was killed by an elephant, which is believed to have strayed from Selous Game Reserve, the official said on Wednesday.

In a telephone interview, Namtumbo District Commissioner, Chande Nalicho confirmed the incident, saying the incident occurred on Tuesday at around 10am local time.

He said: “Before the incident, the man who was identified as Yassin Kalimoni was on his farm.

“He saw elephant herd coming in his direction and he tried to chase them but the jumbos became furious and attacked him to death.”

According to the DC, the wildlife officials were in the area, so that they chase them to the game reserve.

Nalicho cited increasing poaching incidents were the reasons for the jumbos to run away from protected areas to residential areas.

“We are also working ways that will help scale-down poaching in the game reserve which is threatening the survival of the elephants.”

One of the villagers, Adini Mtupa blamed natural resources officials for not responding to their calls on the increasing number of elephants in the area which are strayed from the Selous Game Reserve.

“We suggested several times for officials to come up with a solution to the challenge,” he said, appealing to Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Prof. Jumanne Maghembe to chip-in and address the challenge which is putting them at risk.

The residents are now threatening to protect themselves against the stray jumbos if no action is taken.

“We will not let the elephants kill and destroy our only source of livelihood,” said Mtupa.

The incident came barely two days when smallholder farmer in Tanzania’s eastern region of Morogoro killed by an elephant in his farm.

The incident took place on Monday morning when the victim, Joseph Pascal was busy on his farm.

Reports said that one of four elephants attacked the man when he was trying to chase them out of his maize farm.

Juma Omary, a resident of Mangae village, in Mvomero District said the deceased was killed when trying to protect his crops.

“We have complained to authorities of Mikumi National Park on the invasion of destructive animals in our farms, but no action has been taken,” Omary said.