Stray Elephant Kills Man in Mangochi (Malawi)


Arnold Namanja, Malawi News Agency

Date Published

An elephant suspected to have strayed from Namizimu Forest Reserve in
Mangochi has trampled a 36 year old man to death, police have

Mangochi Police Station Public Relations Officer, Inspector Rodrick
Maida told Malawi News Agency in an interview that Inosi Matola met
his fate as he moved from one village to another since he was

“The fact of the matter is that the deceased had two wives in
different villages. And as he was travelling from his first wife’s
village to the second it’s when he was confronted by the elephant,” he

Maida further alleged that the deceased had sight and hearing problems
hence could not see the elephant from a distance.

“Upon arrival at Mwanjati Village at about 9pm the deceased was
confronted by a herd of elephants which attacked him, trampling him to
death in the process,” Maida said, adding that he sustained fractured
ribs and injuries to the head.

Maida further said postmortem carried out at Namalaka Health Centre
showed that death was as a result of head injuries and broken ribs.

Matola hailed from Machakwani Village in the area of Traditional
Authority Namavi in the district.