Tanzania: Court Slaps Man With 20-Year Jail Term Over Government Trophies


Abby Nkungu, Tanzania Daily News

Date Published
Singida: Singada Resident Magistrate’s Court has ordered a 46-year old man to pay 630m/- or spend 20 years in jail for illegally possessing three elephant tusks valued at 63m/- contrary to the Economic Sabotage Act.
State Attorney Mr Ahmed Seif told the court presided by Senior Resident Magistrate-in-Charge, Joyce Minde that James Kalenzoe, a resident of Ilula in Iringa Region, who is also known as ‘Saidi’ was arrested after being found in possession of the said government trophies around 08:30pm on January 11, this year, at Friends ‘B’ Guest House in Singida town.

Mr Seif further claimed that on the material day, the accused was found with three elephant tusks worth 63m/- which is an offence.

The prosecutor further alleged before the court that despite the unrelenting government endeavours to prevent poaching, the accused continued to kill the precious animals that form the country’s resources.

In mitigation, the accused asked the court to be lenient in imposing a penalty because that was his first offence since he was born 46 years ago and that he had a large family which solely depended on him.