Tanzania: Government Trophies Seized in Tarime Village


Mariam Said, Tanzania Daily News

Date Published

Six elephant tusks, a wildebeest skin and a rifle gun have been seized at a rural village located near the world famous Serengeti National Park (SENAPA) in Mara Region.

They were intercepted recently by security personnel from the hands of people believed to be poachers at Kegonga village in Tarime District, according to the Tarime/Rorya Zonal Special Police Zone Assistant Commander, Andrew Satta.

“We recovered a riffle gun, six elephant teeth and a wildebeest skin,” ACP Satta told the ‘Sunday News’. At least two key suspects have been arrested in connection with the illegal possession of the gun and the ivory tusks, according to ACP Satta.

Several bullets were also recovered from the suspects. Reports say the suspects have already named their colleagues, a move that could lead to elimination of a network of poachers in the area “Operation is underway and we are looking for more suspects,” the zonal police assistant said.

SENAPA is one of the country’s national parks whose beautiful animals are targeted by poachers. But the government of Tanzania is currently taking stern measures aimed at ending poaching in the country