Tanzania: Herds of Rampaging Jumbos Terrorise Mara Villages


By Mugini Jacob

Date Published
Mara — SEVERAL herds of rampaging elephants are threatening the lives of civilians after invading two villages in Serengeti district, Mara region. “About 500 elephants have invaded Motukeri and Natta villages.
People are so scared that they don’t even go to work on their farms,” vice-chairman of Serengeti District Council, Mr Jumanne Kwiro, told the ‘Daily News’. He appealed for immediate help from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.
“The elephants are destroying crops while the lives of the people are in danger,” Mr Kwiro, who is also the councillor for Natta ward (CCM), said.
He accused officials in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism of allegedly turning a blind eye to the massive destruction being caused by the rampaging elephants in the district.
Serengeti district has 27 villages with thousands of peasants prone to the menace caused by elephants. “We are not getting any help to return the elephants back to the forest and so the people are angry,” Mr Kwiro said.