Tanzania national parks plan to drive back 80 stray elephants


Xinhua via News Ghana

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Tanzania national parks plan to drive back 80 stray elephants
Xinhua via News Ghana

June 24, 20220

Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) said on Thursday plans are underway to drive about 80 stray elephants back to their habitats.

The estimated 80 elephants have been wreaking havoc on villages in three wards of Kyaitoke, Luhunga and Kibirizi in Tanzania’s northwestern district of Bukoba in Kagera region, said councilors from the three wards.

Moronda Moronda, assistant conservation commissioner for Ibanda-Kyerwa National Park and Rumanyika-Karagwe National Park in Kagera region, told a meeting of councilors that they are seeking support from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to drive the wild animals back to the national parks.

Moronda said long-term plans involved the relocation of the elephants to other national parks with a sparse population of the animals.

He said TANAPA was also constructing a structure for six game rangers that will be assisting in driving away the elephants when they strayed from the national parks.

Upendo Massawe, a TANAPA conservation officer, advised farmers living close to wildlife-protected areas to fence their farms with chili peppers that will help keep stray elephants away. Massawe also advised the farmers to engage in beehive fencing on their farms, saying elephants also dislike bees.

The councilors urged TANAPA to drive away the elephants as soon as possible saying the elephants were demolishing houses and destroying farms in villages located in the three wards.