Tanzania: New Anti-Poaching Techniques Introduced


Mugini Jacob, Daily News

Date Published


Grumeri Reserves Limited is introducing advanced anti- poaching techniques to protect wild animals including elephants, the company’s Relationship Manager Mr Ami Seki has said.

The techniques involve equipping the company’s game scouts with modern security training to improve their efficiency in tackling poaching. Majority of the game scouts had accepted and signed new employment contracts with operational changes, according to Mr Seki.

“The 101 out of 120 game scouts have already signed the contracts… physical fitness is one of the important aspect in the new contracts, for the scouts to curb poaching and ensure their safety,” Mr Seki told reporters here over the weekend.

The Legal Officer with Grumeti Reserves, Mr Evold Mushi said Mara Regional Labour Office and Conservation Domestic Workers Union were fully involved and have all blessed the new contracts.

Grumeri Reserves Limited conserves a 350,000 acre concession area bordering the world famous Serengeti National Park, an integral part of the Serengeti- Mara ecosystem and home to the great wildebeest migration.

The new measures are designed to keep the wildlife-rich area free from poachers. According to Mr Seki the number of wild animals has increased significantly in the area which covers Ikorongo/Grumeti game reserves and Ikona Wildlife Management Area (WMA), thanks to the company’s conservation efforts.

He mentioned some of the animals whose populations have increased as elephant, buffalo, waterbuck and Impala.

Besides supporting conservation activities in the area covering about 1,400 square kilometers, Singita Grumeti also operates several luxurious lodges in the area as well as supporting local development in 22 villages of Serengeti and Bunda districts in the region.