Tanzania: Rogue Jumbos Kill Villager


Anthony Mayunga, The Citizen

Date Published

Rogue elephants have killed a villager in Serengeti District and destroyed several acres of food crops.

Serengeti District Commissioner Maftah Ally said Mr Tano Ndago, 60, was trampled to death by a herd of elephants in Kemugesi Village, one of three villages invaded by the animals.

Ndago was attacked last Friday evening as he was guarding his maize field against monkeys.

A local councillor, Mr Samson Mrimi, said Ndago attempted to flee from the elephants, but tripped and fell and was trampled to death by the raging pachyderms.

The elephants, which had strayed from Serengeti National Park, also wreaked havoc on farms in Nyamatoke, Kenokwe and Kenyana villagesat Ring’wani ward and Kemugesi at Nyamatare ward.