Tanzania: Two Residents Killed By Herd of Elephants


Gasper Andrew, The Citizen

Date Published
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Singida: Two residents of Musini Village, Italala hamlet, in Sepuka Division have died after being attacked by a herd of elephants, who invaded the hamlet in Ikungi District, Singida Region.

Speaking to reporters at his office on Saturday, the Singida Regional Police Commander, ACP Debora Magiligimba, said the incidents occurred on Saturday at 10am at Italala hamlet.

The RPC named the victims, whose lives were brutally cut short by the herd of elephants as Shaban Hassan ,68, and Ayubu Emmanuel ,19.

Clarifying, the RPC said on the material day when Shaban (the deceased) continued harvesting maize on his farm, a herd of about 32 elephants entered the farm.

“When Shaban was trying to drive away the elephants from his farm, he was attacked by them and trampled on various parts of his body, causing his death instantly,” said RPC Magiligimba.

She further said while Shaban was being attacked by the jumbos, Emmanuel had climbed on a tree, which the elephants also invaded, forcing Emmanuel to fail to maintain holding it and eventually he fell down and sustained injuries on different parts of his body.

“The young man, Emmanuel, was rushed to Singida Regional Hospital for treatment. However, he died around 16pm while he was being attended to,” the RPC said.