Tanzania: Two Trampled to Death by Stray Elephants


Mwanja Ibadi, The Citizen

Date Published

Two people including a Standard Five pupil at Likwera Primary School, Fadhili Mohamedi (13) and Mr Hamisi Mpunga (67) have been killed by elephants while three others escaped death when they were looking for lost goats.

According to the Mkoka Ward councilor, Mr Hamisi Kalembo, the incident occurred around 16:30pm in Likwera Village’s thicket into which the goats disappeared while grazing. He said when they were looking for the goats that were deep into the thicket, all of a sudden; they found themselves being surrounded by a herd of elephants that had been straying in around the village for the past two weeks.

Thereafter, he said, each of them tried to save their lives by running in different directions, but unluckily one boy was trampled to death. 

He said when the jumbos returning to the forest, they met Mr Hamisi Mpunga whom they also killed despite his attempt to save his life. Nachingwea District Commissioner Ms Rukia Muwango, confirmed the incident, saying they had dispatched game wardens to to drive the elephants away.