Tanzania warns poachers to stop malpractice


News Ghana via Xinhua

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Tanzanian wildlife authorities on Saturday warned poachers to stop the malpractice before they faced the full force of the law.

Eliamani Sedoyeka, the newly appointed permanent secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, said poachers who were thinking about poaching in the country’s protected areas should not dream about doing it.

Sedoyeka made the remarks when he was presented with 10 brand new vehicles by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam.

“The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism has taken all necessary measures to make sure that any poacher attempting to kill animals in our protected areas is arrested and dealt with accordingly,” he said.

Sedoyeka said the 10 vehicles donated by the UNDP will help in strengthening patrols against poachers in the country’s protected areas.

Christine Musisi, the UNDP Resident Representative in Tanzania, said the UN agency will continue supporting Tanzania in its anti-poaching efforts to improve the tourism industry.