Teacher extraordinaire


By Nancy Odweyo, Assistant Conservation Education Officer

Date Published

Meet Mr. Ambrose Lekoitip, a head teacher at Sereolipi Primary School and a long-term friend of STE’s Education Programme. For over a decade, Ambrose has worked hand in hand with STE to nurture students into well-rounded members of the society. In the many years he has taught, Ambrose has mentored and helped shape the lives of countless students including our very own elephant researcher, Jerenimo Lepirei.

In addition to acting as an anchor and inspiration to over 400 students at his school, Ambrose is helping build the next generation of conservation ambassadors. With a heart for conservation and the zeal to impart environmental knowledge, Ambrose has established initiatives that allow his students to actively take care of the environment. One of his great initiatives is a campaign that assigns individual students a tree to care of until he or she graduates from the school. Ambrose has also established an eco-garden that he envisions will not only feed the school but also host the countless micro-fauna that inhabit the farm!

Save The Elephants is always honored to work with and is in deep appreciation of conservation heroes like Mr Ambrose, Madam Beatrice Mwendwa of Lderkesi Primary School, Mr Samson of Ngutuk Ongiron, Madam Priscilla and Mr Isige of Lorubae. All of who strive to mold their students into true ambassadors of their environment.

Mr. Ambrose Lekoitip (pictured center) with STE team