The Grévy’s Zebra Trust


Toby Aisbitt

Date Published

Morale was soon lifted by a visit from ‘The Grévy’s Zebra Trust’. Their team, including several Obama t-shirt sporting Americans, ensured that at every meal more talking was done than eating. The ongoing drought has seen a huge number of Grévy’s zebras arrive to the area in search of food. Given that almost all of the endangered species are now present in the reserve, ‘Save the Elephants’ decided to call in the experts.

Their work consisted largely of identifying and documenting the new influx of zebras. I found myself not wanting to offend anyone by asking, “don’t they all look the same?” It turns out that I wasn’t far off and that the team relies on a computer to analyze an individual’s stripes. I hope their visit was of help, at the very least I learnt that the zebras were named after President Jules Grévy of France and not, as I previously assumed, sponsored by Bisto or Campbell’s.