The three poachers Djambala again before their judge (Republic of the Congo)


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A hearing for civil action and arguments in the case of three people arrested for poaching in the trays held this June 28 High Court Djambala.

She has three suspected poachers, Bertrand Ngomene, Kinzele Nazaire and Marien Gnouroubia. The three people, all Congolese nationals, were arrested on May 22 last May in Djambala offense in flagrante detention of several Faunal products. They will be back before their judge of high court of that locality.

A hearing for civil action, advocacy and public prosecutor’s request is scheduled for Wednesday, June 28. The panther skins, elephant head, a gorilla skull, a hand of a baby gorilla and feathers gray parrot of Gabon are the products of animals that had been seized from the three poachers.

They are charged with possession and attempted illegal marketing of trophies of wild animal species fully and partially protected. The hearing of 28 June followed that of 31 May in which these individuals had admitted the facts at their expense, before applying to judges provisional release. Their request without any legal basis, given the gravity of the acts committed, will also be emptied on this occasion. The verdict is eagerly awaited at the end of this hearing.

This would be a great network unmasked in this department, consisting of a seller of wildlife products, acting as an intermediary between buyers and two that would be poachers supplying these products. These individuals, aged forty years, destroy wild animal populations already endangered, without thinking about the future of the country. They face sentences of up to five years in prison and fines of up to 5 million CFA francs each, in accordance with legislation regulating this sector.

The arrest of these wildlife alleged offenders was the joint work of the elements of the National Police, the Directorate Department of the Ministry of Forest Economy through information and support from the Project to support the implementation of the Act wildlife. All three defendants were referred to the prosecutor of the High Court Djambala May 24.